R.B. Aviation

Our History

R.B. Hirsch, III 

    Richard is licensed as a commercial pilot and certificated flight instructor (CFII) for single and multi-engine aircraft with instrument privileges. Richard earned his Bachelor's degree in aviation management from the Florida Institute of Technology in 2005, served as the manager of Russellville Logan-County airport from 2011-2015, and is now the Owner and pilot at Romeo Bravo Aviation, LLC. He is also currently a partner in BPT, a flight training company specifically for owners of Bonanzas and Barons, as well as a partner in Ariella, an Italian restaurant located in Russellville, Kentucky.

     Romeo Bravo Aviation, LLC was incorporated in January 2016.

     Russellville- Logan County Airport's state-of-the-art terminal building (shown below) is new and is the meeting location for EAA chapter #1165. The airport is currently undergoing an expansion project that will lengthen the runway from 4000 ft to 4500 ft, and another 500 ft is planned; this will allow larger and higher-performance aircraft to operate and fuel at our home location.

Our Team